Our Program

WHITE HAWK RANCH is an intensively managed forage program. By utilizing management intensive rotational grazing on native pastures and no-tilled winter annuals, White Hawk is able to operate up to a cow/calf unit per acre. Our goal is to graze cattle 300 plus days of the year, supplementing dry hay and haylage only during the coldest months when perennial grasses are rendered dormant and cool season annuals have yet to enter full production. By implementing these practices, our cattle are able to thrive in an efficient manner.

THE FEMALES AT WHITE HAWK FIT A STRICT CRITERIA - functionality is a must. Cows must be big ribbed, easy fleshing, and sound. Another primary focus is heavy milk production, accompanied by impeccable udder structure. Product and power in our females is necessary as they must have the capability to be Herd bull producers, yet they must remain smooth enough shouldered and long enough necked to display the femininity and elegance of a lady. Longevity is key, as one only realizes the true value of a female with many years of production. At White Hawk, we have developed an elite set of females that can flourish in any part of the nation.

BULLS ARE A STAPLE OF PRODUCTION AT WHITE HAWK RANCH. Focusing heavily on outstanding performance and carcass traits, we create bulls to satisfy even the most discriminating commercial cattlemen. Bulls are developed on a high quality roughage diet to ensure proper development, while maintaining structural integrity. Located in the rugged Piedmont Region, it is necessity for our bulls to be quality footed, sound, and athletic. By developing in this manner, we find our bulls have fewer tendencies to "melt" when set into production. Bulls are developed to 18-24 months of age and marketed private treaty off the ranch and through our annual Bull and Female sale held the third Friday of February.

THE GATES OF WHITE HAWK RANCH ARE ALWAYS OPEN! Visitors are welcome and encouraged at White Hawk. Our most important asset at the ranch are our valued customers. We strive to help our customers realize their "Bottom Line" potential. Feel free to contact Gary at anytime to discuss your operation, bull and female needs, and opportunities available from White Hawk Ranch.