White Hawk Ranch // Hereford Cattle // Marietta, Georgia
White Hawk Ranch // Hereford Cattle // Marietta, Georgia
White Hawk Ranch // Hereford Cattle // Marietta, Georgia
White Hawk Ranch // Hereford Cattle // Marietta, Georgia
White Hawk Ranch // Hereford Cattle // Marietta, Georgia
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Sale Cows at White Hawk Ranch
  Our mission at White Hawk Ranch is to produce problem free beef cattle that come easily at birth, excel in growth, have value added carcass merit, and are highly maternal to replenish the herd. White Hawk Ranch Hereford females excel on paper from an EPD standpoint, genetically, phenotypically and come to you at a very young and productive age.

The females at White Hawk fit a strict criteria - functionality is a must.  Cows must be big ribbed, easy fleshing, and sound.  Another primary focus is heavy milk production, accompanied by impeccable udder structure.  Product and power in our females is necessary as they must have the capability to be Herd bull producers, yet they must remain smooth enough shouldered and long enough necked to display the femininity and elegance of a lady.  Longevity is key, as one only realizes the true value of a female with many years of production.  At White Hawk, we have developed an elite set of females that can flourish in any part of the nation.

White Hawk Ranch cows are marketing private treaty off the ranch, and through our annual Bull and Female Sale held the third Friday of February and the second Friday in November.
Beef Maker "Fall Edition" bull and Female Sale
Friday, November 10, 2017
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  Whitehawk 738B
Registration Number: 43515222 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
  Grandview CMR Miss Vic x221
Registration Number: 43126148 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
  Whitehawk B790
Registration Number: 43561689 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
  Whitehawk 830C
Registration Number: 43566909 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
  Whitehawk B773
Registration Number: 43561477 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
  Barnes 014Z
Registration Number: 43287185 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
  Whitehawk 096Y
Registration Number: 43259644 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
  Whitehawk 027Y
Registration Number: 43284910 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
  Whitehawk 047A
Registration Number: 43408926 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
  Whitehawk 093Y
Registration Number: 43259641 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
  Whitehawk 301Z
Registration Number: 43264343 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
  Whitehawk 348Z
Registration Number: 43327901 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
  WHR 450A
Registration Number: 43367093 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
  Barnes A99
Registration Number: 43397716 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
  Barnes A276
Registration Number: 43381983 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
  Barnes B103
Registration Number: 43457145 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
  Barnes 435B
Registration Number: 43514761 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
  Barnes M31B
Registration Number: 43510471 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
2016 and 2017 Heifer Calves
Selling Friday, November 10, 2017  •View the Sale Videos  •  View the Sale Bulls  •  View The Sale Females
  Whitehawk 305E
DATE OF BIRTH: January 19, 2017
Registration Number:
43765497 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
  Whitehawk 324E
DATE OF BIRTH: January 23, 2017
Registration Number:
43766662 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
  Whitehawk 390E
DATE OF BIRTH: March 2, 2017
Registration Number:
43774445 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
  Whitehawk E055
DATE OF BIRTH: March 8, 2017
Registration Number:
43822021 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
  Barnes 032E
DATE OF BIRTH: January 14, 2017
Registration Number:
43774417 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
  Barnes 062E
DATE OF BIRTH: January 22, 2017
Registration Number:
43784819 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
  Barnes 080E
DATE OF BIRTH: January 26, 2017
Registration Number:
43784821 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
  Barnes 100E
DATE OF BIRTH: February 15, 2017
Registration Number:
43774497 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
  Barnes 104E
DATE OF BIRTH: February 17, 2017
Registration Number:
43774502 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
  Barnes 120E
DATE OF BIRTH: February 24, 2017
Registration Number:
43774517 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
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