White Hawk Ranch // Hereford Cattle // Marietta, Georgia
White Hawk Ranch // Hereford Cattle // Marietta, Georgia
White Hawk Ranch // Hereford Cattle // Marietta, Georgia
White Hawk Ranch // Hereford Cattle // Marietta, Georgia
White Hawk Ranch // Hereford Cattle // Marietta, Georgia
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Sale Bulls at White Hawk Ranch
  We have taken the guesswork out of choosing your next bull as we have striven to breed and produce cattle that are problem free, come with ease at birth, have rapid growth, excel in carcass merit, and are very maternal.

White Hawk Ranch Bulls are developed to 18-24 months of age and marketed private treaty off the ranch and through our annual Bull and Female sale held the third Friday of February. The bulls are developed on a high roughage ration (haylage) to assure longevity, durability and fertility. We believe in developing the bulls this way so the bulls are able to go out and perform the job that genetically they are produced to do. This program in our opinion develops the bull at about 80% of their maximum gain at 365 days.

Our bulls represent some of the most popular bloodlines of the Hereford breed today. We focus heavily on outstanding performance and carcass traits, creating Hereford bulls to satisfy even the most discriminating commercial cattlemen.

Beef Maker bull and Female Sale
Friday, February 16, 2018
At the Barnes Herefords Sale Facility in Cedartown, GA

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Selling over 100 Lots of Hereford Bulls and Commercial Females. Please contact us with any questions.

THANK YOU TO ALL BUYERS AND BIDDERS IN OUR SALE. We greatly appreciate the support of everyone involved. Please let us know if we can help with any questions in the future.

  Lot 1 - Whitehawk 259D
Registration Number: 43730652 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 2 - Whitehawk 265D
Registration Number: 43732116 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 5 - Barnes 883D
Registration Number: 43786380 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 7 - Barnes 901D
Registration Number: 43756459 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 8 - Barnes 886D
Registration Number: 43786382 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 9 - Whitehawk 159D
Registration Number: 43724863 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 12 - Barnes 937D
Registration Number: 43754746 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 13 - Barnes 906D
Registration Number: 43757834 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 17 - Whitehawk 237D
Registration Number: 43743199 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 19 - Barnes 952D
Registration Number: 43756483 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 20 - Barnes 897D
Registration Number: 43777469 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 21 - Barnes 882D
Registration Number: 43786379 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 26 - Whitehawk 163D
Registration Number: 43724865 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 27 - Barnes 929D
Registration Number: 43754724 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 29 - Barnes 956D
Registration Number: 43755750 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 31 - Whitehawk 258D
Registration Number: 43730651 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 38 - Whitehawk 210D
Registration Number: 43729307 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 39 - Whitehawk 228D
Registration Number: 43729527 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 40 - Whitehawk 230D
Registration Number: 43729528 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 41 - Whitehawk 247D
Registration Number: 43729574 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 42 - Barnes 978D
Registration Number: 43757229 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 46 - Whitehawk 202D
Registration Number: 43729299 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 47 - Whitehawk 187D
Registration Number: 43729240 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 48 - Whitehawk 201D
Registration Number: 43729297 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 53 - Whitehawk 261D
Registration Number: 43732120 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 58 - Whitehawk 194D
Registration Number: 43729282 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 60 - Whitehawk 184D
Registration Number: 43729237 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 61 - Whitehawk 207D
Registration Number: 43729304 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 62 - Barnes 904D
Registration Number: 43772822 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 63 - Barnes 922D
Registration Number: 43754716 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 64 - Whitehawk 199D
Registration Number: 43729292 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 67 - Barnes 934D
Registration Number: 43754737 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 74 - Barnes 895D
Registration Number: 43756455 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 78 - Barnes 935D
Registration Number: 43754740 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 79 - Barnes 918D
Registration Number: 43786387 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 82 - Barnes 954D
Registration Number: 43754801 (View Pedigree)
  Lot 84 - Whitehawk 175D
Registration Number: 43727582 (View Pedigree)
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