White Hawk Ranch // Hereford Cattle // Marietta, Georgia
White Hawk Ranch // Hereford Cattle // Marietta, Georgia
White Hawk Ranch // Hereford Cattle // Marietta, Georgia
White Hawk Ranch // Hereford Cattle // Marietta, Georgia
White Hawk Ranch // Hereford Cattle // Marietta, Georgia
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Sale Bulls at White Hawk Ranch
  We have taken the guesswork out of choosing your next bull as we have striven to breed and produce cattle that are problem free, come with ease at birth, have rapid growth, excel in carcass merit, and are very maternal.

White Hawk Ranch Bulls are developed to 18-24 months of age and marketed private treaty off the ranch and through our annual Bull and Female sale held the third Friday of February. The bulls are developed on a high roughage ration (haylage) to assure longevity, durability and fertility. We believe in developing the bulls this way so the bulls are able to go out and perform the job that genetically they are produced to do. This program in our opinion develops the bull at about 80% of their maximum gain at 365 days.

Our bulls represent some of the most popular bloodlines of the Hereford breed today. We focus heavily on outstanding performance and carcass traits, creating Hereford bulls to satisfy even the most discriminating commercial cattlemen.
6th Annual Beef Maker Bull and Female Sale
February 19, 2016 at 12 noon EST at the Barnes Herefords Sale Facility in Cedartown, Georgia.

Sale Report below.

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THANK YOU TO ALL BUYERS AND BIDDERS IN OUR SALE. We appreciate the support of everyone involved. Please let us know if we can help with any questions in the future.
  THANK YOU to all buyers and attendees at our Annual Beefmaler Bull and Female Sale!
The White Hawk and Barnes February 19, 2016 Beefmaker Bull and Female sale was a huge success!
We had an overflow crowd with standing room only, and sold animals into 12 states! The sale grossed $659,410.00.

• 76 breeding age bulls averaged $4,450.00
• 50 registered Hereford female averaged $3,750.00.
• 64 commercial Hereford influence female averaged $2,085.00.

Top Bull Lots: Top Female Lots:
Lot 42 - $13,500.00 to repeat customer Lutrell Cattle Company, KY.
Lot 1 - $13,000.00 to new buyer Harvey Ranch FL.
Lot 62 - $10,000.00 to Harvey Ranch.
Lot 78 - $10,000.00 to New Buyer John Sessions AL.
Lot 107 - $6,400.00 for ½ interest Bell Meadow Farm TN.
Lot 105 - $7,000.00 for Flush to Chruchill Cattle Co MT.
Volume Buyers:  
8 bulls to Lutrell Cattle Company, KY, a repeat buyer.
7 bulls to Senyah Land and Cattle, MS, a repeat buyer.
7 bulls to C&E Cattle, GA, a repeat buyer.
5 bulls and 8 pairs to John Session, AL, a new buyer.
Volume Female Buyer, and new breeder, Ingram Cattle, TN.
Several repeat buyers buying 2 to 4 bulls each.

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  Bulls are range ready and ready for service. With spring grass coming, you can count on these bulls performing for you. This sale offering will be the largest selection of Hereford Bulls to sell in the Southeast in the Spring of 2016.  
Spring and Fall
100+ 2014 Bull Average
87 732 1180 13.31 3.0
whr 100+ 2014 Bull Average
ce bw ww yw ww m&g mce sc rea imf bmi cez bii chb
2.1 3 61 101 30 60 1.8 1.3 .43 .19 22 16 18 32
Top 30% Top 40% Top 5% Top 5% Top 5% Top 3
Top 35% Top 5% Top 25% Top 10% Top 10% Top 35% Top 25% Top
  Lot 1 - White Hawk Barnes 701B
Registration Number:
43508819 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Lot 2 - White Hawk 714B
Registration Number:
43515583 (View pedigree and EPDs)
  Lot 5 - White Hawk 694B
Registration Number:
43508806 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Lot 6 - White Hawk 713B
Registration Number:
43509171 (View pedigree and EPDs)
  Lot 7 - White Hawk 707B
Registration Number:
43508939 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Lot 8 - White Hawk 705B
Registration Number:
43508935 (View pedigree and EPDs)
  Lot 9 - White Hawk 695B
Registration Number:
43508810 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Lot 10 - White Hawk 706B
Registration Number:
43508937 (View pedigree and EPDs)
  Lot 12 - White Hawk 708B
Registration Number:
43508945 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Lot 13 - White Hawk 720B
Registration Number:
43514357 (View pedigree and EPDs)
  Lot 14 - White Hawk 698B
Registration Number:
43508816 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Lot 16 - White Hawk 739B
Registration Number:
43515452 (View pedigree and EPDs)
  Lot 17 - White Hawk 756B
Registration Number:
43520438 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Lot 20 - White Hawk 755B
Registration Number:
43520436 (View pedigree and EPDs)
  Lot 21 - White Hawk 757B
Registration Number:
43524167 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Lot 26 - White Hawk Barnes 715B
Registration Number:
43512417 (View pedigree and EPDs)
  Lot 27 - White Hawk 788B
Registration Number:
43561687 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Lot 28 - White Hawk 746B
Registration Number:
43518972 (View pedigree and EPDs)
  Lot 30 - White Hawk 764B
Registration Number:
43524171 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Lot 33 - White Hawk 762B
Registration Number:
43524169 (View pedigree and EPDs)
  Lot 34 - White Hawk 719B
Registration Number:
43514378 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Lot 35 - White Hawk 506B
Registration Number:
43624060 (View pedigree and EPDs)
  Lot 39 - White Hawk 682B
Registration Number:
43506528 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Lot 42 - White Hawk 734B
Registration Number:
43515143 (View pedigree and EPDs)
  Lot 44 - White Hawk 740B
Registration Number:
43515453 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Lot 46 - White Hawk 785B
Registration Number:
43561685 (View pedigree and EPDs)
  Lot 49 - Barnes 494B
Registration Number:
43601338 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Lot 50 - Barnes 481B
Registration Number:
43601335 (View pedigree and EPDs)
  Lot 62 - Barnes 592A
Registration Number:
43559619 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Lot 63 - White Hawk 623B
Registration Number:
43458928 (View pedigree and EPDs)
  Lot 64 - White Hawk 635B
Registration Number:
43510042 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Lot 65 - White Hawk 632B
Registration Number:
43458930 (View pedigree and EPDs)
  Lot 66 - White Hawk 621B
Registration Number:
43458952 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Lot 67 - White Hawk 648B
Registration Number:
43460360 (View pedigree and EPDs)
  Lot 68 - White Hawk 665B
Registration Number:
43493188 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Lot 70 - White Hawk 625B
Registration Number:
43458953 (View pedigree and EPDs)
  Lot 69 - White Hawk 633B
Registration Number:
43458954 (View pedigree and EPDs)
  Lot 78 - White Hawk 15B
Registration Number:
I43527208 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Lot 80 - White Hawk 305A
Registration Number:
T43527199 (View pedigree and EPDs)
  Lot 81 - White Hawk 730B
Lot 82 - White Hawk 761B
  Lot 83 - White Hawk 768B
  Females for sale  
  Lot 107 - KCF Miss Revolution Z298
Registration Number:
43387246 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Lot 104 - Whitehawk 342 Beefmaid 348Z
Registration Number: 43327901 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
  Lot 116 - Whitehawk 0141 Beefmaid 317Z
Registration Number: 43327869 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Lot 106 - Whitehawk 342 Beefmaid 233Y
Registration Number: 43233992 (View pedigree and EPDs)
  Lot 114 - Whitehawk 325Z
Registration Number:
43327880 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Lot 115 - Whitehawk 318Z
Registration Number:
43327894 (View pedigree and EPDs)
  Lot 117 - Whitehawk 349Z
Registration Number:
43327891 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Lot 118 - Whitehawk 358Z
Registration Number:
43327877 (View pedigree and EPDs)
  Lot 105 - Whitehawk 342 Beefmaid 373Z
Registration Number:
43327889 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Lot 112 - Shope Beefmaiden 937X/968 101
Registration Number:
43320835 (View pedigree and EPDs)
  Lot 85 - Grandview CMR Y522
Registration Number:
43207527 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Lot 93 - Grandview CMR Lorie 424 Y227
Registration Number:
43206824 (View pedigree and EPDs)
  Lot 98 - GVCMR Z215
Registration Number:
43299760 (View pedigree and EPDs)
Lot 100 - GVCMR Z241
Registration Number:
43299784 (View pedigree and EPDs)
  Lot 86 - Grandview 1567 Beth Y505 Flush
Registration Number: 43218114 (View Pedigree and EPDs)
Lot 108 - HH Miss Advance 6083S
Registration Number: 42674062 (View pedigree and EPDs)

  Lot 109 - BBF Beckys Mark P606 S32
Registration Number: 42762666 (View pedigree and EPDs)
  want more information? Thank you for visiting our site and learning more about our program. If we can assist you with learning more about our cattle please contact White Hawk Ranch at g.hedrick@whitehawkinc.com.  
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